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3-D Maps

Here are a couple shots of GMT's excellent American Revolution game 'Saratoga'. The map
has been modified to show terrain in "3-D". Click on Gates to take a look:

Here's another 3-D map, this time it is WWII in France: 'GD 40'

Games Currently in Design:

We're currently working on two main projects, in different stages of development.
UPDATE!! 'D-Day: The Great Crusade' is out and available from Moments In History at!

Click here for screenshots and brief descriptions of the games:


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  • File Downloads: Play Aids and Variants Play Aid for GMT's 'East Front Battles' series just added.

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  • Decision Games - Publishers of 'Strategy & Tactics', 'Moves', 'Fire & Movement' mags as well as a heck of a lot of wargames

  • GMT Games - Excellent resources to support their games

  • Web Grognards - THE Wargame Connection

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